Professor of Economics
Ph.D, Universitat d'Alacant, Spain, 1994









Unpublished Research Papers


  • "Dynamic Contests with bankruptcy: the despair effect", joint with L. Corchón.
  • “Rational Sabotage in Cooperative Production”, joint with L. Corchón, Working Paper, UAB-IAE 541.02, 2002.


Published Research Papers

  • "Meritocracy, Egalitarianism and the stability of Mayoritarian Organizations", joint with Salvador Barberá and Clara Ponsatí, forthcoming in Games and Economic Behavior.
  • “Relative Difference Contest Success Function”, joint with L. Corchón,Theory and Decision, 78 (3), 377-398, 2015.
  • "The Informational Value of Incumbency ", joint with H. Llavador, Journal of Public Economic Theory, 11, 5, 773-786, (2009).
  • "Cooperative Production and Efficiency", joint with L. Corchón, Mathematical Social Sciences, 57,2, 143-154, (2009).
  • "War or Peace", joint with L.Corchón, in The Political Economy of Democracy, Aragonès, Beviá, Llavador and Schofield (Eds.), Fundación BBVA, chapter 19, 317-335, (2009).