Working Papers and work in progress

``Education policy, occupation-mismatch and the skill premium" (joint with Virginia Sanchez-Marcos), BGSE Working Paper 807 (new version).

"Search and matching in the labor market without unemployment insurance", BGSE Working Paper 670 (new version available soon!!).

"Polarization under incomplete markets and endogenous labor productivity" (joint with Albert Marcet).

"Trade effects on the personal distribution of wealth".

"Optimal taxation of capital income with idiosyncratic shocks, incomplete markets and leisure" (joint with Albert Marcet).



"On borrowing limits and welfare", Review of Economic Dynamics, 2011, Vol. 14, p. 279-294.

"Incomplete markets, labor supply, and capital accumulation" (joint with Albert Marcet and Philippe Weil), Journal of Monetary Economics, 2007, Vol. 54, p. 2621-2635.

"Transitional dynamics and the distribution of assets" (joint with Carlos Urrutia), Economic Theory, 2005, Vol. 25, p. 381-400.

"Incomplete unemployment insurance and aggregate fluctuations", Review of Economic Dynamics, 2003, Vol. 6, p. 602-636.

"Has monetary policy been so bad that it is better to get rid of it? The case of Mexico" (joint with Marco del Negro), Journal of Money Credit and Banking, 2001, Vol. 32, p. 404-33.

Other Publications

"Parameterizing expectations for incomplete markets economies", Fundación BBVA, 2009.

"Preferencias no separables y ciclos económicos reales", Gaceta de Economía, 2003, Vol. 16, p. 89-109.