Antoni Calvó-Armengol





Most of Toni’s Research Centered on the Analysis of Social Networks and their Impacts on Economic Ouctomes. 

Toni’s Most Relevant Publications are:

"Peer Efects and Social Networks in Education"
With Eleonona Pattacchini and Yves Zenou
Review of Economic Studies 76, 1403-1417 (2009)
"Social Preferences, Skill Segregation and Wage Dynamics"
With Antonio Cabrales and Nicola Pavoni
Review of Economic Studies 75, 65-98 (2008)
"Social Networks in Labor Markets: Wage and Employment Dynamics and Inequality"
With Matthew O. Jackson
Journal of Economic Theory 132, 27-46 (2007)
"Who's Who in Netwoks. Wanted: the Key Player"
With Coralio Ballester and Yves Zenou
Econometrica 75 (4), 1403-1418 (2006)
"The Effects of Social Networks on Employment and Inequality"
  With Matthew O. Jackson
  American Economic Review 94 (3), 426-454 (2004)
"Job Contact Networks"
  Journal of Economic Theory 115, 191-206 (2004)
"La Crema: A Case Study in Mutual Fire Insurance"
  With Antonio Cabrales and Matthew O. Jackson
  Journal of Political Economy 111 (2), 425-458 (2003)