Antoni Calvó-Armengol   











ANTONI (TONI) CALVÓ-ARMENGOL (1970-2007) was an economist with a broad view of the Social Sciences. During his brief research career he was among the pioneers who established the fundamental role of networks in economic relations and reached out to integrate economics analysis into a larger picture of society. Toni also served his native country, Andorra, as Ambassador to Portugal and to Switzerland's based international organizations.

Antoni Calvó was the first Andorran to graduate from the École Polytechnique. He obtained a Ph.D. at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and then development his research and teaching career in Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. A natural intellectual leader, he was mentor to a full generation of young researchers, and an inspiration for his seniors.

The Calvó-Armengol International Prize was established to honor his memory, by the Govern d'Andorra, the Fundació Crèdit Andorrà and the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. It is awarded every two years to a social scientifist of the highest level, under fourty years of age. The first three recepients of the prize have been Esther Duflo, Roland Fryer and Raj Chetty.