Sekyu Choi
(Phd in Economics, University of Pennsylvania 2009)

Assistant Professor
Department of Economics
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

affiliated professor and research fellow at
Barcelona Graduate School of Economics

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Research Papers:

[1] Worker Turnover and Non-employment Insurance (Joint with Javier Fernandez-Blanco, January 2015)

[2] Occupational Mobility Across Years, Decades and a Century (November 2014)

[3] Unemployment Heterogeneity Across Households and Time: Evidence and a Quantitative Theory (Joint with Arnau Valladares-Esteban, May 2014) Preliminary!

[4] Unemployment, Participation and Worker Flows over the Life-Cycle (Joint with Alexandre Janiak and Benjamin Villena-Roldán. March 2014). forthcoming at The Economic Journal.
        Here is the data from the paper: flows.
        Here is the online appendix: web appendix.

[5] The Value of Remarriage: Welfare Effects of Divorce Legalization (Joint with Clement Joubert).

[6] Revisiting the Effect of Household Size on Consumption Over the Life-Cycle (Joint with Alexander Bick, May 2013).
        Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 37 (2013) pp. 2998-3011.
        Online Appendix
        Data used in the paper: extprofiles (comma delimited file)
        Code [fortran]

[7] Fertility Risk in the Life-Cycle (December 2013).
        R&R (2nd), at International Economic Review

[8] Understanding the Dynamics of Labor Share: The Role of Noncompetitive Factor Prices (Joint with José-Víctor Ríos-Rull, 2009)         Annales d'Economie et Statistique, No. 95/96.

Recessions, Openness and Exchange Rate Regime (In Spanish. Joint with Felipe Larraín B., December 2003)
        Latin American Journal of Economics
, 121, 668-677

[10] Money as a Leading Indicator (In Spanish. Joint with Luis Felipe Lagos, August 2003)
Latin American Journal of Economics,  120, 259-28


[ Macroeconomia I (2015) ]

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