Curriculum Vitae (updated July 2018)

Recent unpublished work

  • "Good Enough" (joint with Geoffroy de Clippel, Alejandro Neme, Kareen Rozen), mimeo 2018.

  • "Arrow on Domain Conditions: A Fruitful Road to Travel" (joint with D. Berga and B. Moreno), mimeo 2018.

  • “Restricted environments and incentive compatibility in interdependent values models” (joint with D. Berga and B. Moreno). Barcelona GSE–1024 and SSRN–id3135163, revised 2018. (This is a new version of a paper that was previously circulated under the title "The role of domain restrictions in mechanism design: ex post incentive compatibility and Pareto efficiency".)

  • “A Model of Protests, Revolution, and Information” (joint with M. Jackson). SSRN–id2732864 and Barcelona GSE–951, revised 2018.

  • “A Shut Mouth Catches No Flies: Consideration of Issues and Voting (joint with A. Gerber). Barcelona GSE–973, NICEP2017–03 and SSRN-id2988283, 2017.

  • “Ordinal Relative Satisficing Behavior: Theory and Experiments” (joint with A. Neme). SSRN–id2497947 and Barcelona GSE–790, revised 2016.

  • “Information disclosure under Strategy–proof Voting Rules” (joint with A. Nicolò). SSRN–id2769816 and Barcelona GSE–904, 2016.

Recent published research papers & books


Updated: July 18, 2018