Curriculum Vitae (updated April 2018)

Recent unpublished work

  • "A Shut Mouth Catches No Files: Consideration of Issues and Voting".WP973 Barcelona GSE June 2017.
  • "Information Disclosure under Strategy-Proof Social Choice Rules" (joint with A. Nicolò).WP904 Barcelona GSE Mimeo 2016.
  • "A Model of Protests, Revolution, and Information" (joint with M. Jackson). WP SSRN-id2732864, March 2016.
  • "Ordinal Relative Satisficing Behavior" (joint with A. Neme). WP SSRN-id2497947 and WP790 Barcelona GSE, revised March 2015.
  • "Group Strategy-proofness in Private good Economies without Money: Matching, Division and House Allocation" (joint with D. Berga and B. Moreno). WP SSRN-id2467988 and WP773 Barcelona GSE. February 2014.

Recent published research papers & books


Updated: June 21, 2017