Curriculum Vitae

Recent unpublished work

  • "Ordinal Relative Satisficing Behavior" (joint with A. Neme). WP SSRN-id2497947 and WP790 Barcelona GSE, revised March 2015.
  • "Sequential Voting and Agenda Manipulation" (joint with A. Gerber). WP SSRN-id2483329 and WP782 Barcelona GSE, revised October 2015.
  • "Group Strategy-proofness in Private good Economies without Money: Matching, Division and House Allocation" (joint with D. Berga and B. Moreno). WP SSRN-id2467988 and WP773 Barcelona GSE. February 2014.

Recent published research papers & books

  • "Group Strategy-proofness in Private good Economies" (joint with D. Berga and B. Moreno). American Economic Review, forthcoming.


Updated: January 2016