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Bellaterra Macro Seminars (2016-2017)


  February 24
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Victoria Vanasco (Stanford Graduate School of Business)
  "Securitization, Ratings and Credit Supply"
  February 27
  Joint with Applied Economics
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Jan Stuhler (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
  "Shift-Share Instruments and the Impact of Immigration"
  March 1
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Antonio Mele (University of Surrey)
  "Velocity in the Long Run: Money and Structural Transformation"
  March 8
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Kevin Donovan (University of Notre Dame)
  "Eliminating Uncertainty in Market Access: The Impact of New Bridges in Rural Nicaragua."
  March 13
  Joint with Applied Economics
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Tarek Hassan (University of Chicago)
  "Aggregate and Idiosyncratic Political Risk."
  March 15
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Paul Beaudry (University of British Columbia)
  "Putting the Cycle Back into Business Cycle Analysis"
  March 22
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  David Wiczer (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)
  "Occupational Hazards and Social Disability Insurance"
  March 27
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Martin Ellison (Oxford University)
  "Managing the UK National Debt 1946-2016"
  March 29
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Ricardo Reis (London School of Economics)
  "Achieving Price Stability by Manipulating the Central Bank’s Payment on Reserves"
  April 5
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Axelle Ferriere (European University Institute)
  "The Heterogenous Effects of Government Spending: It's All About Taxes"
(with Gaston Navarro, under revision)
  April 19
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Jan Gobrovsek (University of Edinburgh)
  "Communal Land and Agricultural Productivity"
  April 26
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Asier Mariscal (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
  "How Firms Accumulate Inputs: Evidence from Import Switching" with Dan Lu and LF Mejía.
  April 28
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Kevin Huang (Vanderbilt University)
  "Lending Competition and Endogenous Credit Supply: A General Equilibrium Theory of Loan Sales."
  May 3
  Joint with Applied Economics
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Pol Antràs (Harvard University)
  "On the Geography of Global Value Chains", joint work with Alonso de Gortari.
  May 4
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Richard Anton Braun (Atlanta FED)
  "Old, frail, and uninsured: Accounting for puzzles in the U.S. long-term care insurance market."
  May 8
  Joint with Applied Economics
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Rosa Matzkin (University of California Los Angeles)
  "On the Identification and Estimation of Nonparametric Nonseparable Models"
  May 10
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Mike Waugh (New York University)
  "The Welfare Effects of Encouraging Rural-UrbanMigration"
  May 17
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  William Fuchs (University of California, Berkeley )
  "Optimal Arrangements for Distribution in Developing Markets: Theory and Evidence"
by William Fuchs, Brett S. Green, David I. Levine :: SSRN
  May 18
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Martin Bodenstein (Federal Reserve Board)
  "Employment, Wages, and Optimal Monetary Policy"
  May 24
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Doug Gollin (Oxford University)
  "Heterogeneity, Measurement Error, and Misallocation: Evidence from African Agriculture"
  May 29
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Cezar Santos (FGV)
  "Family Planning and Development: Aggregate Effects of Contraceptive Use"
  June 28
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Dirk Krüger (University of Pennsylvania)
  "Intergenerational Redistribution in the Great Recession"
  July 6
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Guillaume Vandenbroucke (St Louis FED)
  "Demography and Productivity"
  September 7
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Martí Mestieri (Northwestern University) with Diego Comin and Danial Lashkari
  “Structural Change with Long-run Income and Price Effects” 
  September 14
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Matthias Kredler (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) with Daniel Barczyk and Sean Fahle
  “Variation in Long-Term Care Across Europe: Economic Incentives or Family Cohesion” 
  September 20
  Special Seminar
  11:00 | Seminar Room B3-112C
  David Evans (University of Oregon) with Anmol Bhandari, Mikhail Golosov, and Thomas Sargent
  “Taxes, Debts, and Redistribution with Aggregate Shocks”
  September 21
  Joint with Applied Economics
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Iourii Manovskii (University of Pennsylvania)
  “Labor Market Implications of Unemployment Benefit Extensions” paper I and paper II
  October 5
  Joint with Applied Economics
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Alexandre Mas (Princeton University)
  “Potencial Unemployment Insurance Duration and Labor Supply: The Individual and Market-Level Response to a Benefit Cut”
  October 19
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Timo Boppart (IIES Stockholm University) with Per Krusell
  “Labor Supply in the Past, Present, and Future: A Balanced-Growth Perspective”
  October 26
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Nicolas Coeurdacier (Siences Po) with Zsófia Bárány and Stephane Guibaud
  “Fertility, Longevity, and Capital Flows”
  November 9
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  David Hémous (University of Zurich) with Jeffrey Clemens, Joshua Gottlieb and Morten Olsen
  “Snowball effect of top income inequality” 
  November 16
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Etienne Wasmer (Sciences Po) with Guillaume Vuillemey
  Frictional Unemployment with Stochastic Bubbles 
  November 21
  14:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Dario Caldara (Federal Reserve Board) with Edward Herbst
  Monetary Policy, Real Activity, and Credit Spreads: Evidence from Bayesian Proxy SVARs” 
  November 28
  14:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Ken Singleton (Stanford GBS)
  "Learning and the Cyclical Behavior of Risk Premiums in Bond Markets"
  December 12
  13:00 | IAE Seminar Room
  Selo Imrohoroglu (University of Southern California) with Gary Hansen and Nao Sudo
  “Replacing Income Taxation with Consumption Taxation in Japan”