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Academic Publications

1.    Competitive Pressure Widens the Gender Gap in Performance: Evidence from a Two-Stage Competition in Mathematics (with N. Iriberri). Forthcoming at The Economic Journal. Barcelona GSE Working Paper #879. February 2016.

2.    Stereotypes are Only a Threat when Beliefs are Reinforced. On the Sentitivity of Gender Differences in Performance under Competition to Information Provision (with N. Iriberri). Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. 135, 99-111. 2017.

3.    On the Relative Efficiency of Performance Pay and Non-Contingent Incentives (with U. Gneezy). Journal of the European Economic Association 12(1), 62-72, 2014.

4.    Elicited Beliefs and Social Information in Modified Dictator Games: What Do Dictators Believe Other Dictators Do? (with N. Iriberri). Quantitative Economics 4, 515-547. 2013.

5.    The Incentive Effects of Affirmative Action in a Real-Effort Tournament (with C. Calsamiglia and J. Franke) (Slides). Journal of Public Economics 98(1), 15-31, 2013.

6.    The Emergence of Male Leadership in Competitive Environments (with E. Reuben, P. Sapienza and L. Zingales). Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 83 (1), 2012.

7.    When and Why Incentives (Don`t) Work to Modify Behavior (with U. Gneezy and S. Meier). Journal of Economic Perspectives 25(1), 191-210, 2011.

8.    The Role of Role Uncertainty in Modified Dictator Games (with N. Iriberri). Experimental Economics (2), 160-180, 2011. (Instructions).

9.    Travelers' Types (with P. Brañas and M. P. Espinosa). Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 78, 25-36. 2011.

10. Does Uncertainty Lead to Sincerity? Simple and Complex Voting Mechanisms (with M. A. Ballester). Social Choice and Welfare 33 (3), 477-494, 2009.

11. Equilibrium Play and Best Response to (Stated) Beliefs in Normal Form Games, Games and Economic Behavior 65(2), 572-585, 2009. (Poster) (Instructions)

12. Inequity Aversion and Team Incentives, Scandinavian Journal of Economics 110 (2), 2008. (Poster)

13. Endogenous leadership in teams  (with Steffen Huck). Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, Vol. 162, 1-9. June, 2006.

14. Why is there no AIDS Vaccine? A new Economic Explanation. World Economics, Volume 2, Number 4, 2001.


Academic Working Papers

1.    Rationality and Observed Behavior (with F. Cerigioni, F. Germano and P. Zuazoo-Garin).

2.    Utility and Willingness-to-Pay through Emotion Measuring and Pay-What-You-Want Pricing (with A. Gneezy, U. Gneezy and J. Llull).

3.    Expectations, Satisfaction and Utility from Experience Goods: A Field Experiment in Theaters (with A. Gneezy, U. Gneezy and J. Llull). Submitted. Barcelona GSE Working Paper #944. November 2016.


4.    Equilibrium Play and Reciprocity in Sequential Constant Sum Games. June 2005.

5.    Research Incentives in Competing Markets: a Model of the Development of New Vaccines. Tesina CEMFI No. 0102, 2000.


Contributions to Books

1.    When Income Depends on Performance and Luck: The Effects of Culture and Information on Giving (with R. Sheremata and N. Uler), Forthcoming, in R. Mark Isaac and Douglas A. Norton (ed.), The Study of Culture in Economics: Experimental Approaches and Contributions, Research in Experimental Economics, Vol. 20.

2.    What is an Economic Theory that Can Inform Experiments? (with U. Gneezy) in Handbook of Experimental Economic Methodology, edited by Guillaume Frechette and Andrew Schotter, Oxford University Press. 2015.

3.    Scientific revision of the Spanish Translation of “The Why Axis” by U. Gneezy and J. List. (“Lo que Importa es el Porqué”). Empresa Activa 2014.

4.    El Coste del Cáncer en España: ¿Qué Podemos Esperar de los Medicamentos Biosimilares? (with L. Diego).in “Libro Blanco de los Medicamentos Biosimilares en España: Calidad Sostenible”. Fundación Gaspar Casal 2014.

5.    Respuestas Iniciales en Situaciones Estratégicas. (with N. Iriberri), in “Economía Experimental y del Comportamiento. Antoni-Bosch Editor, 2011.

6.    Economía Experimental y Teoría de Juegos, in"Economía, Sociedad y Teoría de Juegos". McGraw-Hill, 2007.

7.    Globalización y Tecnologías Sanitarias  (with J. Rey) in "Globalización y Salud". Edited by Federación de Asociaciones para la Defensa de la Sanidad Pública, 2005.


Other Publications

1.    La Financiación Sanitaria Autonómica: Un Problema Sin Resolver, (with J. Rey). Laboratorio de Alternativas.  Documento de Trabajo 100/2006. Fundación Alternativas. 2006.

2.    New Policies in Health Research: a Need for Maintaining Public Health Systems  (with J. Rey).  Proceedings of the International Association of Health Policy Conference , 2001.

3.    Convergencia del Gasto Sanitario por Regiones: Canadá y España  (with J.M. Montero and J. Rey). Proceedings of the VIII Congress of Sociedad Española de Salud Pública y Administración Sanitaria, 1999.


Media Coverage

1.    Competitive Pressure Widens the Gender Gap in Performance: Evidence from a Two-Stage Competition in Mathematics: VOXeu, FOCUS Barcelona GSE, Antena 3, La Vanguardia,, El Diario Vasco, La Voz de Asturias, El Comercio

2.    On the Relative Efficiency of Performance Pay and Non-Contingent Incentives: FOCUS Barcelona GSE

3.    The Emergence of Male Leadership in Competitive Environments : Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Business News Daily,  Sciencenewsline,  Columbia GSB,  Physorg,  Brainiyak

4.    When and Why Incentives (Don`t) Work to Modify Behavior : La Vanguardia ES, Asociologist, Nada es Gratis, UAB Divulga

5.    Let’s (Not) Talk About Sex: Gender Awareness and Stereotype-Threat on Performance under Competition: Stumbling and Mumbling

6.    (Bad) Luck or (Lack of) Effort? Sharing Rules in the US and Europe: Nada es Gratis.

7.    Video interview at ECONTRACK (Tilburg University) on Incentives: Here

8.    Interview on my view about Experimental Economics (in Spanish): Here

9.    Interviews to Uri Gneezy talking about our joint work on incentives: La Contra de La Vanguardia, Barcelona GSE Lecture

10. Other projects I am working on: The Washington Post, The Guardian (1 and 2), Time Magazine, BBC, The New Yorker, The Independent, Daily Mail, Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin,  PcMag,  La Vanguardia (1 y 2), Merca2.0, LBonline