Working Papers (2018)

Salvador Barberà, Dolors Berga and Bernardo Moreno

"The Role of Domain Restrictions in Mechanism Design: Ex Post Incentive Compatibility and Pareto Efficiency",

BGSE Working Paper : 1024

Dutta, J. and Martínez-Legaz, J. E.

"Error bounds for Inequality systems defining convex sets",

BGSE Working Paper : 0

Martínez-Legaz, J. E., Noll, D. and Sosa, W.

"Non-polyhedral extensions of the Frank and Wolfe Theorem",

BGSE Working Paper : 0

Salvador Barberà and Danilo Coelho

"On the advantages and disadvantages of being the first mover under rules of k names",

BGSE Working Paper : 0

Bandeira, G., Caballé, J., and Vella, E.

"Should I Stay or Should I Go? Austerity, Unemployment and Migration",

BGSE Working Paper : 0

Alex Monge-Naranjo, Juan Sanchez and Raul Santaeulalia-Llopis

"Natural Resources and Global Misallocation",

BGSE Working Paper : 0

Hadjisavvas, N., Lara, F. and Martínez-Legaz, J. E.

"A quasiconvex asymptotic function with applications in Optimization",

BGSE Working Paper : 0